About me


Late 20’s. 1st Class Bachelor. My interests cover a broad range of subjects, politics, economics, business and namely fashion! You’ll be able to tell once we have met. My style is classy with a touch of sass. I do enjoy taking pride in the way I look. However, there are definitely deeper layers to me that I hope you will uncover.

My tastes are varied, and although I enjoy the simpler things in life. This fantasy involves enacting a second to none upscale experience where you and I can live out our wildest thoughts. I’m proud to say I am adept in recognising individual needs and formulating ways to cater towards them.

I like being attentive towards my male suitors, submissive even. Although it is true that I possess a fiery, confident personality when around take-charge men I become sexually submissive and eager to please. Being both dominant and submissive makes for exciting play. I’ll kiss you like I mean it and will unashamedly have my way, but taking your lead also won’t be an issue, as I enjoy fulfilling the role of a sultry girlfriend that one wishes to spend their precious time with.